The Kabyle American citizen’s response to the Algerian despot government

The Kabyle American citizen’s response to the Algerian despot government

WASHINGTON D.C. (Tamurt) – US citizens of Kabyle origin are afflicted of the contents of the new Algerian Constitution whose sole purpose is to confiscate the freedom of the Kabyle people. Tamurt publishes their response to the despot Algerian government:

We just heard that Algeria has a project to change their constitution. With this New constitution, they are planning to say that Tamazight, the language of North Africans, is an official language but Arabic is even more official. It is a contradiction in itself that not only it is offensive but it represents an insult to the Amazigh native people.

With their new constitution, they are constitutionalizing racism, the usurpation of people values and immunity for their lifetime elected despots. To add insults to the injuries, only Arab Muslims can be elected (Art 73}.

Since the independence in 1962, the Algerian regime has been all except a freely elected government to serve its people. This regime continues with their plans of more abuse, usurpation and despotism.

Today, it became clear that the Algerian regime is not inclined to reconcile with its people and build a free nation where everyone can call home.

The Kabyle people have been fighting the Arab Hillalians that France has put to run Algeria since the independence.

We believe that the governments are made to serve their people and when the governments promote abuse, destruction of people values, it is the duty and the obligation of the people to remove these governments.

Our fathers initial strategy was to remove these dictators through a democratic transition to restore the values of Liberty, Justice, Secularism and Solidarity. That said strategy showed its limits and simply did not work. It is about time to change the strategy.

Given the abuses, insults, usurpation and despotism of Algeria, We the Kabyle people, believe that it is an inalienable right to be free and independent.

WHEREAS, Algeria shall relinquish its sovereignty and jurisdiction in respect to Kabylia so that the said sovereignty and jurisdiction shall on such relinquishment vest in the Kabyle Provisional Government (Anavad)

Sadi Robin Melbouci 
Mansour B. Ulhady 
American citizen of Kabyle origins 

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  1. Jeffersonian Democracy · Edit

    Your conclusion is a bull’s eye !
    Indeed, Algerians everywhere and way beyond Kabylia, are fed-up of the regime.
    As articulated by the cartoonist Dilem « We take to the street not knowing what we want, but certain about what we don’t(want) – the regime. » The pressure has risen to the point, where averyone and everywhere, is awaiting for an opportunity, any opportunity, to « take to the street again. » If there would be a mobilisation, capable to ignite such an irruption, it can only come from Kabylia.
    Morever, though Algerians claim to be Moslims, they increasingly reconcile their Amazigh identity and cultural heritage and, understand that the only Islam or any other religion that stands as barrier, is that which claims political power – and that the majority rejects.
    There lies the root of the root of the regime’s fear, as it is precisely how they manage to maintain dictatorship, and its known ills. Its is the only link snd shared vision with the other members of the Arab League.
    So indeed, if Kabylia were to errupt, all Algeria will follow.

    Another Kabyle American.


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