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Kabylie Determined To Obtain its Freedom

TAMURT (Tamurt) – Demonstrations took place in Bgayet (Bejaia) and Tizi Ouzou to make Kabylie free again, despite the obstruction from Algerian police in which, unfortunately, succeeded in arresting several people and block free men, free women in Tubiret ( Bouira) who see democracy and secularism as the sacred heritage left from their own ancestors Amazighs.

It’s Freiburg’s turn to crack open a bottle of champagne- it’s time to celebrate Yennayer 2966

DEUTSCHLAND (Tamurt) – Eagerness, excitement filled the hearts and minds of thousands of kabylies and amazighs living in different countries of Europe to celebrate the new year of amazighs ( Berbers) this year January 12th 2966, that corresponds to the 1st January 2016, in one of the beautiful cities of Germany Freiburg.