Peace in the world goes absolutely through the respect of the right of peoples to self-determination

Peace in the world goes absolutely through the respect of the right of peoples to self-determination



CATALONIA (TAMURT) – Invited by Ateneu de Terrassenc, catalan cultural institution, Soraya Sough, management member of Movement for self-determination of Kabylia (MAK) hosted a panel discussion on July 3rd 2014 at 7: 30 pm. The catalan public was amazed by the kabylian struggle and the richness of his culture.

Soraya Sough came back in her statement on the MAK founding principles which she presented as « a kabylian political, democratic and secular movement which has as main objective the self-determination of kabylian people through a political and peaceful struggle and stand up for, in all fields, kabylia interrests who is fighting since the « algrerian indepence » in order not to give in to the assimilation politics of arab-islamic governments which have been succeeding in Algeria since 1962″.

In order to raise the international community awareness, the MAK lecturer continues: “we recorded our struggle in the framework of the international law which recognizes to peoples the right to self-determination. In order to internationalize the kabylian question, the MAK created the Provisional Government of Kabylia (Anavad) who stands up for our cause on the diplomatic front and works to create an organization of nations without states. »

By highlighting the kabylian people struggle for his sovereignty and his dignity, the public was surprised to find similarities between Kabylia and Catalonia who are facing almost the same obstacles with a big difference, that to say the MAK is fighting against a totalitarian state which is arab-islamic Algeria who replaced colonial France.

The Algerian government has always presented Kabylia as Al Qaeda fiefdom. The Catalan public learned the opposite: the kabylian people is endeavored since centuries to secularism and fiercely opposed to all the totalitarian ideologies starting by the islamic one which is supported by the Algerian state in order to uproot Kabylia.

By doing a retrospective of Kabylia struggle since the French colonization till the black spring of 2001 where 128 young kabylians were killed by the algerian forces, the attendance applauded and greeted the courage of Kabylian people who braved with dignity the arab-islamic algeria which is a creation of France-arabia who support totalitarian governments in her former colonies.

Soraya Sough took the opportunity to denounce the attitude of western powers who sacrifices the human and peoples ‘rights on the altar of geopolitical interests. « The west has always turned his back on kabylian people with whom he shares secularism values and human rights to support a racist regime which incarnates the islamism and generate terrorism ». And added: « peace in the world goes absolutely through the respect of the right of peoples to self-determination».

At the end of the conference, the different representatives of Ateneu de Terrassa asked the lecturer to transmit to Kabylian people the following message: « We have the same sensitivities, we are amazed to see with pictures the struggle of thousands of Kabylians at home, impressed by your determination, delighted by the intellectual and artistic richness you have and which enriches and will enrich our exchanges starting from now. ».

During the dinner to which she was invited by the Ateneu members, the MAK representative in Spain broached with her hosts the project of organizing a football match between Catalan national team and the future Kabylian national team. edition

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