Open letter of the Provisional Government of Kabylia to Hillary Clinton, US State Secretary, visiting Algeria

Madam Secretary,

The Provisional Government of Kabylia earnestly welcomes you to Algeria even if you do not have the opportunity to visit Kabylia.

Kabylia looks up to the United States of America as a symbol in the embodiment and defense of freedom. The USA is at the heart of all the Democratic Springs.

It is thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of your people that modern means of communication have changed the world in which tyrants can no longer silence their opponents nor obstruct democracy.

As it was Tunisia, Libya and Egypt yesterday, tomorrow it will be Syria; and we hope that all dictatorships, which continue to rage around the world, will fall in turn.

The decolonized world of the last fifty years is packed with dictators. One after another, they fall like flies. We applaud your efforts in supporting those who struggle for their freedom, peace and respect for human rights.

Today, you are visiting Algeria, which is still under the control of the military and Kabyle people are deprived of their right to self-determination. We cannot be proud of the country’s political leaders who scorn people’s will, and who supported the very dictators who have just gone down. They also support the Syrian man slayer.

The Algerian political leaders are liars, and the USA knows too well that they cannot trust them because they are allies to Iranian leaders and their dream is also to have their own nuclear bomb.

The Algerian president is an old and sick man, who violated the constitution by being re-elected a third time in 2009.

Madam Secretary,

Since the suspension of elections in 1992, a speech à la mode consisted in making Algerians believe that the president is against the military, while in reality he is in harmony with them. Following the assassination of Mohamed Boudiaf on 29 June 1992, six months after he took office, Algerians understood that anyone who dares to jeopardize decision makers’ interests or tries to stop the corruption that poisons the country would suffer a similar fate.

The Algerian regime is identical to the Syrian regime that you are currently condemning. They share the same ideological philosophy because both use military violence to stay in power, and they are both against the Western World by principle. To them democracy is a western notion. They consistently denounce the Western World and Israel, towards which their hatred is only matched by that of the Islamists.

In Algeria, within a decade, the dangerous game of Islamism manipulation has caused more than 200,000 deaths. Most of the perpetrators, whose crimes are attributed to terrorism, do get their orders, resources and target list from the obscure cabinet of the Ministry of Defense.

Since he fraudulently took office in 1999, Bouteflika practiced relentlessly his scheme of Islamism manipulation by doubling the number of mosques that his predecessors had ever built since the country’s independence in 1962. Kabylia, which is desperately yearning for freedom and its cultural identity, is harshly stigmatized as a local entity which shares western values and consequently is exposed to popular anger.

Ferhat Mehenni, the president of Anavad, the Provisional Government of Kabylia, has been consistently slandered by the Algerian media and a price has been put on his head. He was accused by the Algerian military “of collaborating with foreign intelligence (particularly Western countries) in order to destabilize Algeria”.

Madam Secretary,

Political observers know the mafia practices of the Algerian regime. Women and men who love justice recognize Kabylia’s right to self-determination. They understood that the Algerian military behave like an occupying army in Kabylia. Kabylia is a country that was annexed to Algeria by colonial France and had existed before Algeria. Today, Kabylia is in total rejection and does not event exist administratively.

Kabylia has been ready for democracy without going through a theocratic regime. Already in 1992, during the first multiparty legislative elections in independent Algeria, Kabylia said no to Islam in politics. Today Bouteflika and policy makers are doing everything to destroy Kabylia.

After 50 years of repression, arbitrary arrests, torture and killing of thousands of mostly Kabyles, we decided to take our destiny in our hands.

Anavad, the Provisional Government of Kabylia, is one of the first governments to have recognized the Libyan CNT and strongly denounces the shameful position of the Algerian regime that stubbornly refuses to Kabylia his freedom. We thank you for kindly taking the Kabylia’s legitimate claim to the UN Security Council.

Lyazid Abid, Anavad’s Minister of international relations
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Translated from French by Saddek H. and Mezache

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