Dear Copt friends,

Kabylia, which has a large Christian community, has always made the right of conscience sacred to the point of making oaths « in the name of all faiths ». Their sense of identity and their struggle for existence has long brought them to feel sympathy and admiration for the Copts.

People like you, have the right to control your destiny. The aggressions against you in recent years, and particularly in recent months, are to be condemned in the strongest manner. It is unacceptable that, as Egypt is entering an era of democracy, it is the death of the Coptic people that is on the agenda.

It is because we suffer intolerance and linguistic identity in Algeria that we reject religious intolerance that has crashed down upon you in Egypt. A few days ago, Kabyle students were attacked with knives at a university in western Algeria, just as Copts were aggressed in Alexandria a few months ago. In fact, all minority peoples are victims of something that makes their identity: something religious for some, ethnic, linguistic or regional for others. In reality, these aggressions should bring us comfort as our opponents are about to lose the battle against freedom and democracy.

Dear friends,

Provisional Government of Kabyle supports you in your fight for your legitimate rights, including the right to govern yourselves. We hope to develop the best relations with your leaders.

We wish you success in your work.

Ferhat Mehenni, Chairman

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  1. « In order for the [racist] Arabs to leave Kabylia in peace, this latter must be independent or equipped with an atomic bomb »!!! — Boualem Sansal (Prize-winner for Peace)

    Long live free Kabylia!!!


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