Kabylie Determined To Obtain its Freedom

Kabylie Determined To Obtain its Freedom

TAMURT (Tamurt) – Demonstrations took place in Bgayet (Bejaia) and Tizi Ouzou  to make Kabylie free again, despite the obstruction from   Algerian police in which, unfortunately,  succeeded in arresting several people and block free men, free women in Tubiret ( Bouira) who see democracy and secularism as the sacred heritage  left from their own ancestors Amazighs. 

Exactly,  6 days left for the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United state of America,  will be held on Friday, January 20, 2017. With the same inspiration, we have together with you Mr President,  Kabylie wish you  happy new year  to you and to your family. May  » Make America Great Again » and « America First »,  » Get a Hell  of Radical  Islam out of USA » and please, _ why not from « the world? » Come true.
On the occasion of the new year Amazighs 2967, the guest Lyazid Abid gives a news conference with attendance of Ahmed Amrioui, Massin, Uli Rhude,  We deliver below the content of his lecture in its entirety.

« Dear compatriots! dear friends of Kabylie and Tamazgha! On the occasion of Yennayer 2967, I wish you much happiness and good health. May this new year be the one that will see your projects come true! Together we can make that of the emergence of the state of kabylie.
For our host country, Germany, we wish her more prosperity and security. It is the best bulwark against the savagery of Islamic terrorists who have only the terror and violence to offer to humanity.

How can we forget what happened the last December, 20th, here in Berlin? A dozen innocent people have seen their lives mowed down by the  Islamist  hydra. Tonight we have a special thought for these victims. In order not to forget them, I propose you to observe a minute of silence in their memory.
To the families of the victims, the wounded, the Berliners and the German people, I express my solidarity and that of our association. We are deeply touched by this savagery but, remain more than ever the allies of Germany in its fight against this green fascism.

This attack, on Christmas Eve, proves the fascinating spirit of its sponsors. It also means the punishment reserved for non-Muslims if these extremists gained power. Mighty, if they were, their propensities would be at the opposite of yours, Madame chancellor . The re-foundation of your relations with the countries providing terrorism is more than urgent. The abolition of your development aid to countries refusing to take back their rejected nationals of their asylum application, which you have just decreed, is a good sign but remains insufficient. It is at its roots that religious fundamentalism is fighting. Some North African countries like Algeria pretend to fight terrorism. In fact, they are the breeding ground for religious fundamentalism that trains terrorists by contingents. Ask your ambassador to look into the content of the Algerian school program and you will be fixing on the criminal intentions of the power of this country.Yet the Amazigh Peoples of Algeria, rid of French colonialism, aspired to live in a modern and tolerant society.

It is the Algerian school, since it practices a program of Islamization, which is at the origin of this catastrophe which ended up splashing you. Kabylia remains a bastion of resistance to these murderous ideas of the Algerian government. Her experience is unique in the world. She has resisted Islamism for 14 centuries and will eventually defeat it. Her people, secular and democrat, need your understanding and help to continue enriching the universal heritage of his genius. As you know, and this is the destiny of all peoples, our salvation will come only from the establishment of our own State.

In the Middle East, our friend people suffer more than others. They suffers from the hypocrisy of the international community which recognizes in him the only force capable of fighting the Islamic state but denies him the right to independence. The Kurdish question must go beyond the stage of Western conscience to lead to the recognition of Kurdistan by the Security Council. This would set a precedent for Kabylie, Mzab, Azawad, Rif and the Amazigh of Libya to assert their natural rights and deter powerful predators who would dare disintegrate less powerful peoples.

At this very moment, Dr. Fakhar, a Mozabite leader, animated by the spirit of justice towards his people has been on hunger strike since January 3rd. He seriously risks his life in Algerian prisons. The Algerian colonial state accuses him of having demanded the autonomy of the Mzab.

For centuries, these peoples have been fighting Islamism in the total indifference of Western countries. May this year be that of the peoples who suffer in silence. May this be the year that will restore the oppressed peoples in their legitimate right.

Glory and honor to all activists of freedom!

Lyazid Abid

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  1. Great article Lyazid! Thank you for the well wishes in America. I am happy Donald Trump is President. I want America and Kabylia to further their friendship as Kabylia will soon become an independent nation. I am inspired, as an American, to see all of the Imazighen fighting for freedom. God bless you all.

  2. Dear All,

    I wonder why nothing is written on the Berber spring. Writing in french only will not give our cause the exposure it needs and it deserves..
    It would be interesting to get all the the bilingual or multilingual kabyles help write or translate to English and other languages all the the materials and news related to the our our struggle for independence…

    Hope this comment will start a thread on the topic..



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