Kabylia Calling For Independence

Kabylia Calling For Independence

Paris (Tamurt) – Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the number of people who openly consider themselves independentists. Last Sunday, there were massive demonstrations in Paris with more than 10 thousand participants calling for independence for Kabylia through a peaceful and democratic process.

Another huge numbers of Kabylia diaspora, waving kabylian flags, gathered outside the Algerian Consulate General building in Montreal to pay tribute to the actors of April, 1980, and to the 128 Algiers authority assassinated during the black spring 2001, promising that they would not rest till they bring the killers to justice.

Interestingly, Bernard-Henry Lévy, the founder of the New Philosopher, through his magazine  » la règle du jeu », He supported the demonstration organized in Paris by Movement for Self-determination of Kabylia and provisional government of kabylia, contrary to French and Algerian social media preferred spiral of silence.
The president of GPK Ferhat Mehenni, on his recent speech in Paris, called on all kabylians, from Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou and Bouira to march in April, 20th to protest against the colonialism Algeria unceasingly playing.

Association DFK is going to organize a meeting in April, 29th, in Munich. So, with this opportunity, Malika Barak is going to hold news conference: « The hard road to freedom ». Lyazid Abid, Vice President of GPK is going to give a talk with assistance of dda Ahmed Amrioui, Uli Rohde and other personalities who are willing to bring back freedom to the country kabylia lost 1857.
With this privilege, we look forward to meeting Akli D and listening to his famous song  » A BARMAN » in the heart of Munich.

Aksil Amari

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  1. Many times we received a same answers from our governments, no way !

    No way for our culture, no way for a real change in our life, no way for cheering of riches, no way to be free in our country, no way to be in the minimum of right way.

    that why our identity still suffering in our mother country, but dont worry brother the freedom it’s for soon, i hope so.

    when i was young, i remember we talked about MAK, and no one can answer us what is the future of this idea. now we know it, here we are the freedom for the Amazigh rights.

  2. what kind of freedom do kabylians want, is it the freedom that they do whatever thay want, like savages, or the freedom of doing what the law ask them to do?
    tha law . if the law is the protection of kabylians rights, it »s ok, but if the law is the protection of the government s intersts only and poeple are taken like gurbage , thats the law of the jungle , because, in the jungle animals are also free to whay they wanna do .
    in u.s everybody is free to do what they want , but everybody folow the law ( in general) because the law is what makes the society organised in the basis of the respect of the u.s constitution , that’s it.


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