Haiti, devastated

There is nothing my words can do to change things on the ground, but I can, with the simplest bear witness, by telling my story with a girl from Haiti.

Monique and all Haitians are my African sisters and brothers. They are those whose grand-grand fathers and mothers once upon a time, kidnapped shackles at their feet, for a no return trip. Many, if not most, at a tender age still, they were beatten, then made slaves on an island, by the vicelized french gris-gris[1].

The tragedy of this 7.3 earthquake and the images from the site of the drama caught me naked, unprepared, and then shook me at once, to unraval all that I had hidden deep inside of me. From a place I have forgotten for so long it existed, my soul, my African soul awakens. I feel desolate before Haiti, before the image of Monique’s face, and can but write, to relief myself from pain.

Once not so long ago, and for a short period of time, I met, loved then lost a beautiful girl by the name of Monique, the sirene from from Haiti. This things still happen in New York City. We worked her school homework, and kissed all night, until she forgets she was a refugee from Haiti, until I remembered I was African, until she felt like a woman, a beautiful young woman, and remembered I was a man. Then, one day, she had to go! She was deported and never from her again. Then like now, I feel helpless, hopeless and desolate. It is why I write, to bear witness to the sad news from Haiti, and to relief myself from pain.

Images of injured victim everywhere. Some carried, others abandoned, The town is Port-au-prince, but ehre are no princes to help the children and the elderly in Port-au-Prince. How is Monique?

Bill Clinton is sent by the UN to supervise the International assistance effort. Hope he doesn’t cost more than he brings. Will Monique finally have a working the President, and not priest?

Obama sends US Marines surged in to help the relief effort. Will they bring Monique back?

Desperate survivors began to receive medical care and food, from US air-drops.
Did Monique get any?

Workers struggled to save lives and stave off disease. Nurses finally made it there. Is Monique wounded?

A makeshift refugee camp is setup and 50,000 people are staying on the golf course of the Petion Club in Port-au-Prince. Is Monique one of them?

Lawlessness and disorder takes over the island. Is Monique safe?

Thousands more U.S. troops will help U.N. Peace keepers keep order on Haiti’. Does Monique have a country?

{{Haiti is is disintegrating, I am sad, where is Monique ?}}

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