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Wayer birds, mamals and other fauna are fealing the heat from the extrem temperatures of this 09-10 winter. It would be a waste of money to escape to Florida for some sunshine, as even those who usually tolerate low temperatures are seeking refuge underground.

Many wonder whether the Copenhagen conference is not being objected to by nature, as cold winds and snow seem to make of this winter, the worst ever. For the environmentally savy, this is a sign, that the climat is bouncing at its extrems, a sign of the worst to come.

China’s exports per person are still much lower than those of Germany, which has a much smaller population of 80 million people. China sells low-tech goods such as shoes, toys and furniture, while Germany exports machinery and other higher-value products. German commentators note their country supplies the factory equipment used by top Chinese manufacturers.

With 1.3 billion people, China is still one of the world’s poorest countries. It ranked 130th among economies in per capita income in 2008, according to the World Bank.