O, North Africans, wake up! you are on air! you are on stage! The whole world is watching you! Time to act! This is the best chance for you to break free! Remind the world that it is the people who decide! That a state is there to serve the people, and not the opposite!

I wonder if this warning is issued just as « forwarded » by the algerian authorities, or there had been real investigation to prove it genuine! I have never seen an american in Kabylia! So, instead of issuing warnings about terrorism in Kabylia, start first to find out who these terrorists are. And before stating terrorist attacks…

The MAK-delegation, represented by its president Ferhat Mehenni, was received on 22.02.20010 at 11.00 a.m. in the central law court in Ghent by Mr. Thierry Beele, president of the Flemish lawyer’s chamber.
Ferhat Mehenni is the president of the movement for the autonomy of Kabylia (a.k.a. MAK), a northern region of Algeria.