The mysterious origin of North-Africans revealed by modern genetics

LONDON (Tamurt) – Nowadays, the estimation of risk factors for human diseases is one of the key components of the health systems in the developed countries like USA and Europe. The prevention against degenerative diseases such as cancer and neurological diseases is one of the priorities for those countries to reduce the burden for the society.

Algerian threats on the demonstrations of April 20th in Kabylia: The Provisional Government of Kabylia interpelates the international institutions

EXILE (Tamurt) – The president of the Provisional Government of Kabylia, Mr. Ferhat Mehenni, sent a letter this Monday to many international institutions (Mr. Ban Ki moon UN secretary-general, Mr. Jean-Claude Junker president of the European Commission, Mr. Barack Obama president of the US, Mr. François Hollande president of France, Mr. Idris Déby president of the African Union, Mr. Bert Koenders president of the European Union Council, Mr. François Alfonsi president of the European Free Alliance, Mr. Donald Tusk president of the European Council and Mr. Vladimir Poutine president of the Russian Federation) warning them about the planned repression by the Algerian government against the peaceful demonstrators in Kablia, upon the traditional demonstrations which will take place on April 20th, 20016 in the cities of Tuvirett (Bouira), Vgayet (Bougie, Béjaïa) and Tizi-Wezzu (Tizi-ouzou).
We reproduce hereinafter the letter sent to the UN secretary-general:

Open Letter to Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

As you visit the territories of Algeria who is currently colonizing the country of Kabylia, we are seeking UN assistance to deliver this message to the Algerian authorities and remind them of the principal of self-determination as well as their obligation to be bound to the UN charter and universal declaration of human right to stop the abuse, usurpation and destruction of Kabyle values.

The Kabyle American citizen’s response to the Algerian despot government

WASHINGTON D.C. (Tamurt) – US citizens of Kabyle origin are afflicted of the contents of the new Algerian Constitution whose sole purpose is to confiscate the freedom of the Kabyle people. Tamurt publishes their response to the despot Algerian government: We just heard that Algeria has a project to change their constitution. With this New…

A Pebble in the River<br>Novel by Noufel Bouzeboudja

Akli is an old man now. He is in prison. It is from there that he begins telling his story, the story of his village, of his people. He speaks of his struggle against colonial France and against terrorism. This is a tale of revolution, war, torture, dispossession, corruption, intolerance, betrayal, religious extremism but, above all, a tale of resistance.

Sellal and Ouyahia threats: Release of the MAK

KABYLIA (Tamurt) – Held responsible in the events of Ghardaïa and in flagrante delicto in supporting the Châambas last two years through its security services, the algerian regime is corned by the oil income drop chooses the radical manner to overcome resistance in the M’zab and obviously the irresistible march of kabyle people towards his…

Project for a kabylian parliament

MONTREAL ( – Kabylian Provisional Government/ Project for a kabylian parliament: The minister of mediation Lhacène Ziani launches the debate. Following his process of institutional construction and democratic deepening, the kabylian provisional government, through the voice of his minister of mediation, Mr. Lhacène Ziani just gave the go-ahead for a public wide debate related to a…