Mr. Mehenni, President of the Movement for Autonomy of Kabylia (M.A.K.), on his way to Montreal where he was invited by the Kabylian commnity, vired through the United States to visit with Kabylians whose number is lesser than in Canada. Excluded from the Algerian Diplomatic in the US, Kabylians in America see this visit as a recognition from their homeland. In spite of their unexplainable silence about Kabylia’s situation, they were many to have come out to meet, the President of the Movement they all silently, and perhaps fearfuly support.

I still remember those days, in the primary school of Isli n Umyis 1, not far than 1970’s, at the age of six, when I went to school for the first time.
Before then, I never met any Arabic-speaking people. The rare ones, appearing in the village were the beggars, whom, as was the custom, were given dried figs, olive oil or any other kind of food.

Few weeks only after successfully stopping a Christmas celebration Service at a Protestant Church in one of Kabylia’s main cities, a group of youngsters belonging to a local Mosque, acted on their earlier threats and set the church building on fire. The authors are the same group of young men who interrupted the Church’s Christmas Celebration last December 27, with total impunity.

Wayer birds, mamals and other fauna are fealing the heat from the extrem temperatures of this 09-10 winter. It would be a waste of money to escape to Florida for some sunshine, as even those who usually tolerate low temperatures are seeking refuge underground.

Many wonder whether the Copenhagen conference is not being objected to by nature, as cold winds and snow seem to make of this winter, the worst ever. For the environmentally savy, this is a sign, that the climat is bouncing at its extrems, a sign of the worst to come.

China’s exports per person are still much lower than those of Germany, which has a much smaller population of 80 million people. China sells low-tech goods such as shoes, toys and furniture, while Germany exports machinery and other higher-value products. German commentators note their country supplies the factory equipment used by top Chinese manufacturers.

With 1.3 billion people, China is still one of the world’s poorest countries. It ranked 130th among economies in per capita income in 2008, according to the World Bank.

For several months now, the Algerian controlled Press engaged in a series of misrepresentations of the US-Algerian relations, describing them as being at their best ever. Not that they actually are, but Bouteflika’s fictitious “diplomatic know how”, is once again needed for diversion, and what better artifact than a US General or civilian Official’s visit, as short as that may be, to serve as hard evidence. The tone used to describe visits by Americans in general, is such that, it leads Algerians, particularly the military Junta, to believe that Bouteflika is solicited for his “know How” and thus “protected/supported” by the masters of this world – That is not the case so! To the observers, here in Washington, these diplomatic and military movements are rather understood to be a sign that the Obama Administration is finally moving away from Bush’s policy of containment of African dictators – Particularly those in the northern parts of the continent, where America’s sworn enemy, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) seem to have found a safe home. To those following the situation closely, here in Washington, these visits are rather read as a signal that President Obama is following up on his warnings to them, in his summer 2009 speech, from Egypt.

At the last final qualifiers of the group C from the African continent, the national teams of Algeria and Egypt, ended in a last decisive match which would determine the representative of what the officials and panarabism lovers call as « the Arab Representation. » – For whatever prestige can be earned, the two governments engaged colossal means to be the one that win benefit from the victory. One wonders why not represent north Africa, why the Arab nation? Is there such a thing as an Arab nation? WHilst for Mobarek the risk is one of his son loosing succession, for Algeria the states are measured on a different scale. It is the entire regime that is in the visor.

In preparation for a peaceful gathering and demonstration on the Kabylia’s campuses, police began its intimidations as to attempt to scare away participants.

However, the standup between the population will not stop, as it is not new. After almost half-centruey of various peaceful and attempts to secure a minimum standard of exercise of rights to political rights, Kabylia has reach the point no return. To any Kabyle and many observers of the scene, the only way to prevent the unthinkable, is self-governance through a large autonomy, before the ranks calling for Independance grow bigger.