Crooked Regime Arrests and Humiliates Innocent Kabylian Men and  Women

ALGERIA (Tamurt) – In terms of democracy, there is clear evidence crooked regime of Algeria, considered as a loser by loosing its credibility toward kabylia the first day it took the power, 1962.
Several democrats and people who see secularism first, either jailed, arrested or exiled for supporting this two fundamental pillars that assure freedom and peace among its population.

It’s Freiburg’s turn to crack open a bottle of champagne- it’s time to celebrate Yennayer 2966

DEUTSCHLAND (Tamurt) – Eagerness, excitement filled the hearts and minds of thousands of kabylies and amazighs living in different countries of Europe to celebrate the new year of amazighs ( Berbers) this year January 12th 2966, that corresponds to the 1st January 2016, in one of the beautiful cities of Germany Freiburg.