Algerian threats on the demonstrations of April 20th in Kabylia: The Provisional Government of Kabylia interpelates the international institutions

Algerian threats on the demonstrations of April 20th in Kabylia: The Provisional Government of Kabylia interpelates the international institutions

EXILE (Tamurt) – The president of the Provisional Government of Kabylia, Mr. Ferhat Mehenni, sent a letter this Monday to many international institutions (Mr. Ban Ki moon UN secretary-general, Mr. Jean-Claude Junker president of the European Commission, Mr. Barack Obama president of the US, Mr. François Hollande president of France, Mr. Idris Déby president of the African Union, Mr. Bert Koenders president of the European Union Council, Mr. François Alfonsi president of the European Free Alliance, Mr. Donald Tusk president of the European Council and Mr. Vladimir Poutine president of the Russian Federation) warning them about the planned repression by the Algerian government against the peaceful demonstrators in Kablia, upon the traditional demonstrations which will take place on April 20th, 20016 in the cities of Tuvirett (Bouira), Vgayet (Bougie, Béjaïa) and Tizi-Wezzu (Tizi-ouzou).
We reproduce hereinafter the letter sent to the UN secretary-general:




Mas Amaray n Tuddsa n Leǧnas yeddukklen, Azul,

Mr. UN Secretary-General,

I would urgently be most grateful for asking for the UN protection against the planned repression by the algerian government in Kabylia, upon the traditional demonstrations which will take place on April 20th, 2016 in the cities of Tuvirett (Bouira), Vgayet (Bougie, Béjaïa) and Tizi-Wezzu (Tizi-Ouzou).

Since 1980, at the symbolic date of April 20th, Kabylia gets itself heard by asserting its rights and claims which, over decades, have evolved. Having received as responses only denial and repression, Kabylia moved from cultural shy claims (linguistic and identity rights), to a request of a regional autonomy in 2001.

The Provisional Government of Kabylia in exile, the ANAVAD, proclaimed on June 1st, 2010, now carries the requirement of the kabyle people for his inalienable right to self-determination. I will send you, within this context, a Memorandum in the next two months.

Mr. Secretary-General

The Movement for self-determination of Kabylia is today the political force which has the support of the majority of the Kabyles. It is under its banner that are organized all the demonstrations of April 20th of these last ten years.
Since the tragic events of the « Black spring » (2001-2003), which made nearly 130 victims and thousands of injured, the repression of the algerian colonial government gave a way to insecurity and to the manipulation of the « Islamist » terrorism in Kabylia.

The repression is again appeared in2014. You can watch it through this link:

In order to face the diplomatic achievements of the Provisional Government of Kabylia, Algiers, returns to manipulation in order to ruin the Anavad audience and harm the image of Kabylia. In fact, the algerian services organized and executed the assassination of the Cameroonian football player Albert Ebossé on August 23rd, 2014 prior to kidnapping and killing the french alpinist, Hervé Gourdel, one month later. Once these manipulation operations of the public opinion were foiled thanks to the kabyle people vigilance and the international press sense of duty, it is again to violence against Kabylia that think those who decide and act in the name of M. Bouteflika.

Brahim Merad (Prefect of Tizi-Ouzou), Ali HADAD (businessman, boss of a doubtful fortune) and Ould Ali El Hadi (minister), are involved, through a circular of the algerian prime minister Abdelmalek Sellal, dated February 18th, 2016, are showed off in order to raise specter of a new bloodbath in Kabylia.

This is because of the seriousness of the situation that I am writing to you so as to ask you to use your influence and your authority in order that the human rights will be respected in Kabylia and prevent the dangers that weigh on the kabyle demonstrators.

As far as we are concerned, we held the four officials mentioned above directly responsible for any violence that would occur during these peaceful demonstrations. The international criminal court will be notified of each crime committed by the henchmen during this memorable day.

We call to a greatest vigilance and we invite all the citizens to mark this event through their massive presence. We invite all those who can do it, to take pictures and to film these historical demonstrations in order to bare and foil the plot hatched against Kabylia.
Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

I would hope that it is still time to act for peace and that the uttered threats are but empty ones. The kabyle people will massively take the streets in order to peacefully express their deep aspiration to control their destiny.

I am sure that the man of peace and diplomacy that you are will spare no effort in order to make Algiers gives up its lust of violence and bloodshed against the kabyle people.

Sincerely yours.


Exile on April 11st, 2016

For the Anavad
Mr. Ferhat Mehenni,
President of the Provisional Government of Kabylia

Translated from french by Muhend u Rezqi

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  1. Azul Fellawen ( ‘-‘)

    let us know that between the states is no love or friend or even no allies, are just of interest and it was always the case and it always will remain the currency of the country.
    personally the era of Universtié I speak of this, the single internative for our cause is to have a framework or represent our kabylie to stay at the table and capture for countries to the convincre that are in our interest because it is the one and only see to have supporters or allies as they say.
    Regardless of the country as it is strong and influential nations, but must never thwarts the countries that are the dejas and Enjoy interests of those otherwise it’ll be a little shock on our head, this small shocks can be simply like libya, Iraque, syria and model meillieur Sudan.
    it is for this simple reason that the Algerian authority is in place then 62 and will remain until the day or get there the decline of interest with the USA, the France, UK …. etc.
    Yes Israel would be interested in our offer but it’s not as simple as that, it will take night of negociasion studies and planning for years.
    this is why I say and I repeat, my brothers are vigilant and initially will have the autonomy and self-determination prepare.
    Talmirt has all our @ Kabylie and Amazigh. yes we can


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