Welcome to Tamurt, a place where we inform and discuss, and where our viewers are taken deep into
the heart of Kabylia.  We offer our readers a complete news panorama.  Tamurt is a reference and a
leader of the Kabyle press online.  Our mission at Tamurt is to bring to you real time information in its
objectivity.  Strong and innovative with its 4 independent editions, Tamurt’s site is available in Kabyle,
French, English and German.  Each edition deals with all matters related to the Kabylia, activities of
Kabyle Diaspora worldwide and Amazigh people in general.
 In order to carry out this mission, journalists, columnists, correspondents, cartoonists, video artists,
webmasters, graphic designers, all dedicated activists for the freedom of the Kabyle people, focus on
recurring themes of the real state of the Kabylia and solutions for its emancipation.  The editorial team is
passionate about conflicting ideas and strives to bring you the facts and authentic details of events.
Dynamic, impassive and resolutely turned towards the future, Tamurt is committed to helping the
Kabyle people and other Amazigh peoples to take their destiny in hand.  It is Tamurt’s dream to see, one
day, a Kabyle state emerge among other Amazigh states in North Africa.  Our ambition is to make
Tamurt your favorite link to Kabylia.
 We believe that the greater Amazigh family is among the peoples, humanists, innovators and
benefactors of this world.   Our motto is, freedom of speech is the honor of Kabylia.  It is to this ideal
that we make the oath and are ready to defend the sovereign interests of Kabylia in all circumstances
and at all cost.
 Tamurt is open to the rest of the world.  It does not only critique, it is always looking for solutions and
offers to help in their implementation.
The editorial team