Abid Lyazid’s conference on the occasion of New Year Amazigh (Yennayer 2966)

Abid Lyazid’s conference on the occasion of New Year Amazigh (Yennayer 2966)

DEUTSCHLAND (Tamurt) – On the occasion of the conference Mr. Lyazid Abid, guest of the DKF association, Umkirch to celebrate Yennayer 2966, he was greeted by Mrs Heitzler, deputy mayor (CDU), to wish him welcome to Freiburg. We deliver below the content of his lecture in its entirety.

I see that we are more and more numerous, to celebrate Yennayer and I’m very happy. First, I wish you a lot of happiness for 2966. In Kabylia Yennayer became a tremendous hit start  this beginning of new year, hoped always successful and wealthy new gains for our liberation struggle. This is a special day that strengthens our commitment to freedom and our determination to take our destiny.

There are some years  ago, we did not have the right to celebrate Yennayer publicly. We could claim us this legacy millennium. The Algerian state, which behaves like colonizer in Kabylia and in all Amazigh regions, since half century trying to cut us off from our history. It forces us to join up to the Arab-Islamic ideology that the beginning of any arranged life, knowledge and civilization begins with the arrival of the Prophet Mohammed. For them, any previous civilization to Islam is synonymous with obscurantism and even darkness.

But as we are a stubborn people, we have remained inflexible. We know we can not go anywhere if we do not know where we came from. So we clung to our culture to thwart strategies to depersonalize us. To remain ourselves, we have faced the most formidable tyranny and it’s not today, you agree with, we will sit back.

History proves it, our secular and democratic culture is perfect harmony with the universal values ​​of modernity. Yes, Imazighen are an open and tolerant people, peace and solidarity. We are people who loves and respects life above all. And it is because we want to be ourselves, Democrat and laity that the Algerian government fight us. Our languages, Taqbaylit, tamzabit, taterguit, all derived from Tamazight, are targets to kill. Algiers, claiming to liberate us there that the Arabic language to open the gates of paradise. Thus the destruction of the Amazigh language and culture they carry reports of a divine mission.

After trying all methods to destroy Tamazight but without success, today The power advocates officializing  it. This officialization  nothing promise well. It’s a double-edged gift. The Algeria usurps the honor that goes to activists Amazigh cause that risked their lives and strives to gain some legitimacy enabling it to suppress any dissenting voice.

The ruse, intended for Western governments is to stifle the people Mozabite sly. To deprive the Tuareg people of his land. muzzle Chaouis and prevent kabylies access from its sovereignty.

So it will be seen that the Algerian government recognized Tamazight not by political conviction but because of exogenous factors. Could it do otherwise before the Moroccan neighbor who officialized  it  in July 1, 2011? Cornered, he tries to turn the situation in its favor: use legal means to Tamazight empty of substance and culture it conveys.

This is apparent from the very wording of this article. Tamazight is considered an official language accessory. It is not aligned with the Arabic language, but behind it. According to the draft of the new constitution, Tamazight is also considered a second-class language, while it is the only true national language in Algeria and Morocco. Arabic and French are the languages ​​in Tamazgha (North Africa). The official predominance of Arabic eerily the status of French in the days of colonial France. Matoub Lounes had warned us before his assassination in 1998, there is nothing more to expect from this cursed power.

If we are more and more numerous today to demand we Amazigh, Kabyle Mozabite, Chaoui, Tuareg, Rif, Chleuh if we are proud, thanks to the immense work of activists Berberists. It is to them that I have a special thought. I know that many of you in this room. In you alone the honor of awakening the consciences of Amazigh peoples. You are the first to Tamazgha. You faced heroically the political police of the same power, even recognizing Tamazight will remain rotten and finishing. Yes it is the same regime that changes color like a chameleon. In 1962, Bouteflika was a minister FLN political party, In 2016, he is the president of FLN. What would have happened if Germany was governed by the same men from the days of Konrad Adenauer?

The Kabyles, the Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylia, Kabyle Provisional Government,  Mozabites, Tuaregs seeking your help, with your country Germany and Europe to regain their freedom, their lost sovereignty and to finally appease the criminal tensions ignited by the Algerian regime.

To a reminder, the Bundestag, was seized in 2011 by the Left Party, I thank particularly  Frau Ulla Jelpke on among other Kabyle question of MAK and Anavad. Questions were submitted by the German Government to the Algerian Government. The response of these was pathetic. In Algiers, the Kabyle are respected. Kabylia lacks nothing. Democracy are in full swing. Tamazight is ordered national language. The Kabyles have two political parties, the FFS and RCD and even a Kabyle Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia. Today, German leaders have further evidence that Algeria practice a false policy is criminal. Is it not the same people who said the Kabyle lack nothing that Tamazight officialized today?

This power is too dangerous liar. It endangers peace and security in Kabylia, in Mzab and Azawad. It is a danger to the security of all Amazigh. As such the UN Security Council should feel challenged to ensure security, peace and prosperity of the peoples just waiting to live in harmony with the rest of the world.

Offisializing Tamazight or not, the liberation struggle continues. Kabylia expects nothing of Algiers. Our path is drawn. Right to self-determination referendum .

Germany and Europe would benefit from support us if they want aggressions Cologne, Paris bombings, Charlie Hebdo cease. Arab-Islamic ideological matrix of the North African country, which falsifies history, glorifies violence and preaches revenge on the West, fueling the Jihad. North Africa should return into the hands of his children to ease tensions in the region and the world.

Lyazid Abid, Freiburg, the 01/23/2016

Translated  by Aksil Amari

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