11 september 2001 : Barbarian assault on civilisation

However, the results of these acts of war have proven at the end just the opposite of those that were expected by bin Laden, their sponsor. Bin Laden dreamed to embody David slaying Goliath, but he has instead only managed to incarnate a murderer who, less than ten years later, expiated his crimes. His approach, while unique apparently, was a patchwork of well-tried techniques: hijacking, hostage taking and suicide bombers turning planes into missiles. It was all under the command of a visionary who makes his way to the green meadows of Allah’s paradise through the death of a Jew and a Christian.

While the outrage caused by these attacks was global, Bin Laden admirers in countries that claim Arabism or Islamism, if not both, did not conceal their joy. For example, with the exception of Kabylia in Algeria, where demonstrations in support of America were organized, the sympathy of a nation fed on hatred of Israel and the West was granted to the perpetrators of these terrorist actions. The expected objectives were therefore momentarily achieved:
-1) Touch America in its own territory, in the flesh and soul; thus, showing that the U.S. was vulnerable and at the mercy of the first who dared come on the way.
-2) Give rise to terrorist vocations in the Arab-Muslim countries to enforce, if not intensify Al Qaeda’s networks.

These attacks were to be a prelude to a new world war in which only one side was defenseless; that is, the Judeo-Christian world as potential victim. The enemy thought he was so protected from any retaliation that any response against the invisible and almost unidentifiable belligerent would be a problem. War is no longer conventional. It is no longer between states or conventional weapons. This is not a scrub of national liberation or internal dissidence. In the case of Al Qaeda, there is no state and no territory of its own. It is an organization of a new type of horror spreading across the globe, and targeting places that are unrelated to American interests sometimes.

The fall of the Twin Towers was a resurrection, rather than the defeat of America. Its internal cohesion has been strengthened and its status as a victim brought America sympathy worldwide, including a world that, until then, had been hostile. The fall of the World Trade Center was actually that of an American laxity against hearths of hatred against the United States, Israel and Western countries.

The response was initially chaotic. But soon, based upon lessons learned during the Bush era and other trial and errors, the United States, in collaboration with the United Kingdom and France found the way: bring down dictatorial regimes by their own people, along with the hearths of terrorist culture that they maintain. Tunisia was only a bench test. The refusal till the end of a ground intervention in Libya illustrates the lessons learned in Afghanistan and Iraq. From the outset, the United States whose credo is freedom knew that the best defense against international Islamist threat was democracy. The experience in Afghanistan and Iraq proved that military invasion and democracy do not go together. It is at least one of the current requirements of the history of mankind.

It is clear that the consequences of the attacks of 11 September 2001 are those of a restart of the process of globalization of democracy. This process, countered for a few decades by the Cold War after the independence of former colonies, experienced a slow recovery after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was not until 2011 that it restarted almost systematically.
The nations left with borders arbitrarily drawn during colonial era are now the best agents of this new start to a world of freedom, humanity and democracy. In reality, it is a new process that unfolds before our eyes, that of universalisation of the healthiest values of humanity, somewhat mistreated by the acts of Durban II.

Today, like yesterday, the Kabyle people will do its best to do its part of the mission that the History of Humanity assigned to it again. Always courageous and lucid, it will work towards peace, stability and brotherhood among peoples and continents. Its mission is first in Algeria, where it will lead the way for freedom and the assertion of its dignity; then in North Africa where it will cement peace between peoples, an indispensable player for moderation and mutual understanding around it. The Provisional Government of Kabylia in exile, established on 1 June 2010, reiterated the condemnation of the attacks of 9 September 2001 and reaffirms the support of Kabylia alongside the major democracies, first and foremost those that are in the United States of America.
Paris, 10 September 2011

{{Ferhat Mehenni}}. President, Anavad (Gouvernement Provisoire of Kabylia)

{Translated from French by Macinissa}

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  1. ANARAF is good for eyes · Edit

    Instead of « Barbarian Assault Of Civilisation », we should have « Barbarian Assault Against Civilisation » or « Barbarism against Civilization ».


  2. {{Falsehood of Pan-Arabism, Progenitor of Wars and Tyrannies}}

    {{The deep and hidden reason of the tyrannical oppression practiced throughout the Middle East is the imposition by France and England of pan-Arabic nationalist cliques that intend to dictatorially arabize the various peoples of the Middle East, who are – all – not Arabs.}}

    By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

    To start with basic, we should stress the point that among the member-states of the so-called Arab League there is not a single one inhabited by Arab population. In this regard, the simple and single historical truth in this is that there are no Arabs at all. There are only ‘Arabic-speaking’ peoples having striking dissimilarities one from another, and they all have different past, different cultural backgrounds, different social and behavioural systems, different orientations and archetypes. Only failure is guaranteed in any attempt to shape up a ‘union’ among these so disparate elements and peoples.

    We have all attested numerous similar examples of disunion, mutual disparagement and unprecedented co-vilification so paradigmatically performed by the uneducated and uncultured ‘leaders’ of the ‘Arab’ League. The mistake was to view all that as ‘fratricidal’ situation, whereas it is not, since they are very disparate and divergent from one another. It is only the paranoiac and contra-natural regrouping named ‘Arab’ League that, by creating the shock of bringing together elements that just cannot be together, generates the unpleasant atmosphere in which all these funny and clownish ‘leaders’ are engulfed, without knowing why ‘this’ happens to them! So pathetically ignorant they are.

    If this concerned only these grotesque characters of the present day political Commedia dell’ Arte, the problem would be limited, and no one would need to discuss and tackle it. But the West and the rest of the World is found involved in this situation one way or another, because of the interconnections existing since the Colonial times. The Middle East affects the entire world. And if this absolute and fundamental historical reality is not widely assessed and understood first, nothing good can come out of the Middle East, and its extremist frenzy.

    If the Middle Eastern peoples are not Arabs, what are they?

    The real, true but hidden Face of the Middle East.

    In reality, the Lebanese are Phoenicians, who got hellenized and aramaized in Late Antiquity.

    Arabic speaking Syrians and Iraqis are Aramaeans.

    So are the Palestinians and the Kuwaitis, as well as the Emirates and the Qataris, who have certainly been intermixed with Persians.

    Egyptians are Copts, native Egyptians, descendants of the people of Ancient Egypt in their amalgamations with the numerous foreigners, who passed by the valley of the Nile: Aramaeans, Phoenicians, Yemenis, Greeks, Meroitic Sudanese, Romans, and others.

    Sudanese are descendants of the ancient Meroites and the Nubians.

    Libyans and the people of the Maghreb are descendants of the Khammitic peoples of the great Atlas, Berbers, in their genuine fusion with Carthaginians and Romans.

    And finally Yemenis are Yemenis, descendants of the ancient states of Saba, Qataban, Himyar, Hadramout and other; they are closer to Abyssinians (mistakenly called Ethiopians) than to the Arabs of Hedjaz.

    Islamization: the reason of the (linguistic but not racial) Arabization

    All these peoples, by accepting Islam, sooner or later, started becoming arabized, but this happened at a linguistic, not at a racial, ethnic level. And we know only too well that the Arabs of the times of the Prophet were not numerous at all. One generation later, when let us say Islamic armies were reaching Carthage in today’s Tunisia, Central Asia and the Indus valley, the Muslim fighters were speaking Arabic but among them Arabs were already a minority. Aramaeans from Damascus and Ctesiphon, Egyptians from Alexandria, Yemenis from Muza and Persians from Praaspa were already a majority among them! They learnt the language of Quran, but they did not and could not change their racial and ethnic origin.

    The Copts (Christians) of Egypt, and the ‘Assyrians’ and ‘Chaldaeans’ of Iraq and Iran are very good examples that show very well what happened: those who remained Christians preserved initially their language (Coptic and Aramaic – Syriac), and lost it gradually in later dates.

    Among the people who accepted Islam in the early period, only Persians preserved their language. This is not strange, since the great cultural phenomenon of Ferdowsi gives us an insightful understanding of the subject. If Copts and Aramaeans had not been christened, and if they had kept a national traditional historical record of their glorious past, they would have resulted into a different perception of Islam, preserving their original languages and developing epics similar to Shahnameh.

    Colonial practice and diffusion of Pan-arabism

    Because this did not happen, we attest nowadays the current situation, but this does not involve that these peoples are Arabs, or that a kind of union can be based on falsely perceived history, and tons of misinformation and disinformation due to colonial powers’ diplomacy. Mainly France and England became the centers of emanation of a falsely conceived and inaccurately studied ‘pan-Arabism’, since they focused their educational – academic – cultural – ideological policies on issues related to their strategic efforts to bring down the Ottoman Empire, Safevid Iran, and Mughal India. The term ‘inaccurately studied’ is employed because this falsehood created problems worse than those it was supposed to solve, even if we limit the discussion to the Western world, since Islamic Terrorism is a later result of the earlier ideological developments in the area of the Middle East.

    It is from the Western European universities, political parties and demented ateliers of all sorts that nationalism emanated. And as such, it caused serious problems to peoples of the East and the West, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and others. The confusion spread throughout the territories of the Ottoman Empire finds its equivalent in the disaster of the Irish, the Scots, the Corsicans and the Celts of Brittany. Actually, it leads to nowhere.

    Earlier one understands this, sooner one escapes from the traps that led millions to wars and disaster.

    Of course, the Colonial Scheme was not meant only against the Ottoman Empire. It did aim at creating an entire situation in which it would be sure that no powerful successive state form would ever rise in its stead! In this way, the colonial powers shaped the problematic Middle East of the 20s, the 30s, the 50s and the 60s that we all know; an area of total confusion and impotence. An area, from which the Western powers would extract oil and other resources in a most profitable way that – at the same time – would help them impose themselves as undisputable powers over the rest of the world.

    Following the results of the WW I America joined the two colonial powers that achieved a multi-targeted ‘miracle’:

    they destroyed the Ottoman empire
    they made sure that no power rises in its stead in the Middle East and
    they kept rival Germany and Russia far from it!
    Impossibility of an ‘Arab’ nationalism

    In the sense that never Indians will be able to express … Chinese nationalism (!), and never Spaniards will be able to express … Portuguese nationalism, never will…

    the Copts of Egypt (all the population is Coptic, Egyptian properly speaking, not only the Christians, those who are called ‘Copts’) – call them just Egyptians if you want

    the Aramaeans of Iraq, Syria, Jordan (I mean again the entire population of these countries, not just the Christains), of Iran (the so-called ‘Arabs’ of Khuzestan are just ‘Aramaeans’), of Turkey (Turkish, Kurdish or Arabic speaking populations of Antakya, Gaziantep, Kahraman Marash, Urfa/Edessa, Diyarbakir/Amida, Mardin/Margdis, Nusaybin, Hasankeyf, Siirt and Cizre) and of Lebanon (here I limit it to the inlanders)

    the Berbers of Lybia, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco (again I do not mean the Kabylians in Algeria, who openly declare their Berberic/Khammitic identity, but the entire population of all these countries)

    the Nubians (belonging to the so-called Nilo-Saharic group of languages and races) of Egypt and the Sudan (another terribly oppressed minority), who live between Luqsor in Egypt and Karima in Sudan

    the Meroites of Sudan, who live either nubianized in the north of Karima or arabized between Karima and Malakal in Central Sudan, being the descendants of the ancient Khammitic population of the historical Sudanese states Kush (800 – 525), Meroe (450 BC – 350 AD) and (Christian) Makkuria (450 – 1150)

    the Yemenites and the Omanis, who are certainly Semites but closer to the Abyssinians than to Arabs (their extensively recorded on epigraphic monuments ancient language gave birth to Gueze, the official and religious language of Axumite Abyssinia, and has been preserved until now in some parts of Hadramawt and at the island of Sokotra)
    and last but not the least

    the Palestinians, the Kuwaitis, the Qataris, the Emiratis and the Bahrainis, who – all – are arabized Aramaeans,

    Read more: [Falsehood of Pan-Arabism, Progenitor of Wars and Tyrannies->http://phoenicia.org/panarab.html]


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